Do you know that our data can be simply connected with your e-shop and your order and accounting system?


Use our e-change of data between our and your PC. The structure of the transferred data is exactly specified. That is why the exchange can be automatic, without any human´s help. Thanks to the service of the data exchange will be information of your system and e-shop automatically updated and completed.

Data change can be used, e.g. for:

- downloading of price lists,
- updating of current stock,
- automatic creation of new items (with description and pictures),
- invoices´ downloading.

Web services are provided to clients of our company for free.

You can simply connect your data with ours thanks to XML feed.

To put this service into operation is necessary primary one-time preparation for automatic data change by your PC programmer.
Present the following information to your programmer.

The data change of LAMA Plus company provides the following data

1. list of goods
2. list of manufacturers
3. complete price list
- product´s name, code, OEM, product´s description, dealer´s and end user´s prices, also without fees, EAN, news/hot deals/sale, measure unit, links of pictures to 300 px (date of change and another information included)
4. complete price list with current stock
5. current stock
- EAN, code
6. order code
- includes complete information about product
7. list of invoices
- complete list of invoices and particular invoices by number
8. invoice´s detail

Technical specification for your programmer:


In case of a disproportionate q-ty of requirements (e.g. data downloading every minute), can be your access to this service restricted.

In case of any questions, please, contact our IT specialist:
Ing. Tomasz Folwarczny